Monday, October 15, 2012

DId I really say that?

I was reading a blog written by another mom earlier today.  She wrote about the things she has said to her children during their lifetime and how she never thought she would say certain things to them.

I think we all have those "mom" phrases on our list that we vowed never to say, but have had to utter at some point. For example:
"Because I said so."

"Eat all your food, there are starving kids in China!"

"Don't make me pull this car over!"

We have all been there.  Your child is acting up, you are frustrated, tired and the first thing that pops into your head are the tried and true momisms that you hear during your childhood. 

But, raising J has prompted me to say some things that I never would have thought I would say.  Here are a few of my faves:

"Are you kidding me? How did you fit that Ipod in there? Well, we're never getting that back."

"J what is this brown spot on your carpet? Is it dirt? It had better be dirt!"

"You aren't wearing underwear? Why aren't you wearing underwear?" (This one was when the dr. asked me to pull his pants down for shots only for me to discover he was going commando.

"Why am I sticking to the floor?"

"I don't care if your friend "so and so" doesn't have to wear a stocking cap. His mom apparently doesn't care if he catches pneumonia."

"Well, if you didn't drool so much, your chin wouldn't get chapped like that.  So, stop drooling so much."

"You have been chewing that same piece of pork chop for 15 minutes. Just swallow it already!"

"If you are hungry enough for ice cream, you have room to finish your green beans/chicken/potatoes/taco/spaghetti/corn."

"Jackson, you may not start another activity until you pick up the last three that you had out."

"You have a choice. You can do it by yourself. Or, I will count to 3. If I get to 3, and you haven't done it,  I will do it for you. And you won't like that."

"Ugh - don't put that paint brush your mouth!"

"I know you are excited, but you need to calm down a little. You are hopping around here like a monkey on speed."

"Don't growl at people. You are boy, not an animal. Speak with words."

"If you are going to pee outside, Pee downwind and not near where you play."

"Jackson, mommy is not a jungle gym."

I am going to have to start keeping track of some of the more interesting things I say.  I am sure I would have blog material for years to come!