Monday, June 25, 2012


Summer is officially here! This is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  I love hot, hot, hot days. The hotter the better. I love summer thunderstorms, swimming, grilling and eating outside and warm evenings sitting on the porch.  So far, this summer has been a busy one for our family. 

J has always been a kid that likes being outside.  As soon as the weather warms up, we are outdoors doing anything we can find to keep busy.  It isn't uncommon for us to be up, dressed, fed and out the door by 6:30a.m.  This summer's big project has been redoing our pond.  This has brought many big machines to our house.  J views them as his personal jungle gyms and never tires of climbing all over them.  Recently, we had a mini excavator at the house. J showed some pretty good coordination in handling the machine.

                                                     Future heavy equipment operator?

When he isn't excavating, J loves riding his bike and tractor.  The tractor is one that he received as a Christmas gift from his grandma Jill. It had been Ryan's toy when he was a child and he had it refurbished for J.

                                                           Ryan's old Ford pedal tractor.

We have also spent a lot of time this summer digging in the sand box, playing baseball, riding on the ranger and swimming.  J loves the water and we have waged huge water gun battles many times this year.  Usually, these battles result in Jackson and his dad teaming up on mom.  I am usually given one water gun full of water.  They get the hose, the rest of the guns, the water balloon and the huge bucket.  Once I am out of water, I am essentially target practice for the boys. 

                                               Pants on backwards, crocs on the wrong feet
                                         and the goggles he wore for about three days straight.

Jackson also enjoys spending time in his "Fortress of Solitude". Construction began last summer on J's playhouse.  What started out as a simple idea grew into a massive project that is only now being finished. J will often ask to go to his playhouse after we arrive home.  He will take a snack and some toys and is quite content being in his playhouse.

                                          The club house is now sided, has a rail around the deck
                                                            and a big slide down the side.

We have also been busy creating many "projects" this summer to pass the time (thank you Pinterest). We have made lava lamps, planted and grown veggie plants from seeds, experimented with vinegar and baking soda, baked countless cookies, cupcakes and brownies. We have gone on nature scavenger hunts, picked raspberries and had picnics. We have gone through tons of paint, popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue! J likes to make "presents" for people and can often be found amid a pile of ribbon, stickers and colorful pom pons concetrating on his latest creation. 

                          Despite how it looks, some of the raspberries did make it IN his mouth!

J is also proving to be a tireless worker.  He helps out with whatever project we have going on around the house. He has pulled his wagon around the yard picking up the weeds I have pulled. He has helped sweep the garage, spray weeds and regularly helps his dad mow.  Most recently, J assisted his dad and I in splitting and stacking firewood.  He gathered up the debris and filled his wagon before hauling it to the wood pile.  When he eventually tires of working, he can usually be found digging in the dirt somewhere with his many tractor toys.

Even J's daycare is taking full advantage of the summer weather.  They walk to the town pool each day, make frequent trips to the library and had a field to trip to a local tree farm.  They have attended the first of three Magic Owl plays at Timber Lake Playhouse and spent last week at Bible School each morning. 

                                                      J's class at Johnson's Tree Farm. 

Yes, we love summer around here. Even the rainy days (which have been few this summer so far!).  You know it have been a great summer so far when three bottle of sunscreen have been used, everyone has those weird V shaped tan lines from their flip flops and you fall into bed exhausted every night! Hope you are all having an equally fantastic summer!