Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 In Review

As 2013 closes, I have been doing what most people do this time of year. Remembering and reflecting on the moments of the past year. The good and not so good.  All in all 2013 was a pretty great year for our family. 

Ryan began the new year with a change in his job. After many years in construction, he took an office job with IDOT around the beginning of 2013. Also in January 2013, Ryan and I traveled to Las Vegas.  It was an early 10th anniversary trip (we celebrated our anniversary in May).  It was also our first "adult only" trip since having Jackson.  We had a great time, but were ready to come home. 

 Vegas selfie.

March 1, 2013, became an extremely momentous day for me: I got to see Adam Levine (and the rest of Maroon 5) in concert.  What a great night!  Definitely makes the top moments of this year! And possibly 2014 too!

                                                                        Pre concert

Our man Adam <3
In April of 2013, I took up a new hobby: running.  I have been bitten by the running bug and ran in two half marathons (one in September and one in November).  Running has become a place of calm and reflection for me. It pushes me to my limits and has allowed me to accomplish more than I thought I ever could.   For now, I plan to train for more halfs this year (I am shooting for 4 or 5) and maybe someday a full marathon.

Great group of gals after my second half. One word: hills. Ugh. 


                                                Ryan and me after my first half marathon

The summer months brought long days enjoying the outdoors. We spent many hours swimming, paddling around the pond in our new paddle boat and just playing outside. J took swimming lessons again and continues to be a water bug.  He spent the summer going to daycare and having fun with his friends there.  They attended bible school, library programs and plays at Timber Lake.  He had so much fun, in fact, that he was hesitant to leave for school in August!

J started kindergarten on August 21, 2013 and turned 5 the next day.  After a bumpy first few days, he now enjoys school and is doing very well.  He has made some good friends and has improved so much in his reading and math skills. We celebrated J's 5th birthday with a Batman themed party.  J loves super heroes and dressing up in his super hero gear.

"I am Batman"

First Day of School 2013

J's first school pic.

In September, we adopted another fur baby, whom J named Froggy.  Ryan was hesitant about adding another cat to the household, but it has turned out to be a great addition. Our 12 year old cat, Max, started out skeptical of the new cat, but now enjoys having another cat around.  And J is enamored with Froggy. I think I have said "Jackson, put that cat down" about 1,000 times already!  Nothing makes J happier than having Froggy sleep in his bed with him or to have her play with him. 

J and Froggy when she moved in.

With Froggy on Christmas.

In October, our families welcomed more additions: two new nephews!
My sister had her baby boy on October 22 and Ryan's sister had her baby boy on October 27.  Everyone is doing well and it is nice to have babies around to snuggle again.

November 2013 brought the start of our kitchen remodeling project.  This has probably been the biggest change of the year for our family. And the most challenging. We have been living out of a makeshift kitchen (located in our great room) and are very anxious to have running water and a sink hooked back up in our kitchen (target date is in 7-10 more days for that)!  Currently, we have most of the furniture back to its proper place, but we have a bit to go until all is back to "normal" around our house.

It begins.......

 Our makeshift kitchen.

All torn up.
 With December came the holiday season with all of its usual fun, hustle, bustle and, yes, some stress! This was the first year that J really got the concept of Santa and he wrote his own letter to the Big Man this year.  J wanted a Packer uniform, Minion Monopoly and a boat from Cars 2.  Santa came through and J had a wonderful Christmas.  J also decided to redo his room in Packers colors and decorations.  As a family of Bear fans, we are unsure how his love of the Packers happened, but we love him in spite of it!
 J in his Packers uniform on Christmas.  Yes, those are Bears socks.
We were instructed to pretend they were Packer socks
until he got some real Packer socks:)

J posing with his Aaron Rodgers Fathead.  His prize
Christmas Gift.  J even wrote a fan letter to his idol:

We are anxiously waiting for a response!
All in all, we have had a fantastic year.  Here's hoping that 2014 is just as fantastic for us and for you all as well.  Cheers!

Happy 2014 Everyone!