Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Contents of My Purse

Last week I was discussing the contents of my purse with a friend. I can't recall exactly how the conversation began, but I started to think about before I became a mom and how, back then, I rarely (if ever) carried a purse. Since having J, I have gone through several phases of bag carrying which has evolved into what I tote around now. 

First it was the diaper bag packed with items for every possible baby scenario: diapers, wipes, baby toys, a change of clothes, a bottle, some bottled water and a travel pack of formula (just in case!), orajel, bags for diaper disposal, an extra hat and blanket (in case of winter car trouble) and Desitin.  Once we could do away with diapers, the diaper bag was replaced with a smaller travel tote. This was filled with little snacks, emergency pull ups, books and more little toys.  The wipes were still in there too.  Now, I still find myself carrying one large bag everywhere I go.  I decided to really take a look in my bag to determine what I could possibly require that would fill such a large bag.  Turns out, I need a lot! Most items in my bag are mandatory.  Others could be and have been purged. 

Bag Item 1:

A travel coloring book and crayons. Actually three or four packs of those little travel crayons that you get at restaurants to color on the place mat.  You know the kind. They are boxes with only four crayons - yellow, red, blue and green.  However, in my supply of crayons the greens are all missing. Seriously.  Not a single green crayon in the bunch. Coloring can be a lifesaver during long doctor office waits or in church, so they stay in the bag.

Bag Item 2:

The medication pouch.  A small zip up pouch containing a small pharmacy: children's benadryl, antacid, kid's Tylenol, band aids, hydrocortisone cream, Neosporin and some excederin migraine.  I feel prepared for just about any emergency. Except maybe a stomach ailment. Note to self: pick up some Pepto for the pouch upon next visit to the store.

Bag Item 3:

Wipes. Yep, still carrying the wipes. Because kids=mess.  Pretty simple. Also, sister item to the wipes: hand sanitizer.  Because you just never know what kids might touch. I don't see these items becoming obsolete for a while. Well, ever really.

Bag Item 4:

Boys size 4T Star Wars undies.  Yeah, I am not sure why those are in there either.  They are clean, however.  So, back in the undie drawer they go!

Bag Item 5:

Coupon Organizer.  Because if I keep the coupons elsewhere, I will inevitably forget to take them along to the store.  And nothing burns me more than paying full price for Cheerios when I know there is a $.50 coupon at home. Carrying a cumbersome plastic organizer is totally justified by saving money.  Makes me feel like I am sticking it to the corporate money makers by saving a buck or two. I can also rationalize things with my savings. For example "I saved $.75 on t.p. and a buck on laundry soap, so I can afford these new shoes. And this scarf. And these jeans." Thus, it stays.

Bag Item 6:

What I like to call "the crap catch all".  It is a zip pouch (larger than the pharmacy) that I apparently fill with every piece of junk that I don't have any other place for.  But, upon closer inspection, I actually need all the stuff in there. Really, not a single thing in there that I could in good conscious be without on a daily basis.  Currently occupying the pouch:
*a nail file
*nail clippers
*ear buds
*mini no water needed toothbrushes (for those times that you realize AFTER leaving home that your child didn't brush)
*small mirror and brush
*deodorant (Helpful hint: Don't leave this in the car in the summer, then attempt to use. Liquid deodorant = not cool.)
*FHP (am I right ladies? Never leave home without it!)
*AA and AAA batteries. 

Bag Item 7:

6 Plastic Ziploc Baggies.  Because I always think to myself : "Self, baggies come in handy when doling out snacks or for disposing of things, better stick one in your purse."  Then I forget I did it. I have reduced the supply of baggies to 2.

Bag Item 8:

3 Tubes of chap stick.  Same problem as item 7.  Maybe I ought to have my memory checked out.

Well, the bag isn't really much cleaner after taking inventory. It is marginally more organized, which I guess is something!