Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

It is that time again.  Time for a new year and new resolutions.  I am not typically a big "resolution-er" (that is my new word, you may use it if you choose). But, by golly, I was going to do one this year.

I listened to friends and family tell me their resolutions hoping I could just use one of theirs (maybe I should resolve to be more creative?).  But, I soon found flaws with every one of them.

I couldn't start exercising.  I already do that. Every morning, 7 days a week.  I figured I am good on that one. And going hand in hand with that was eating healthier.  Well, I don't eat much junk.  I tend to snack on fruits and veggies or protein bars. So, that was a no go as well.

Another I heard from friends was to quit smoking.  To accomplish that, I would have to take up smoking and then quit.  It seemed counter productive.

I soon realized that I don't have many of the  "usual" bad habits. Not that I don't have any - mine are apparently just a special kind of "bad" and most people don't suffer from them. I don't drink. Don't chew my nails. Never done and don't see the point in doing drugs.  I don't gamble.  I am not a big spender or shop-a-holic. I mean, I love shoes (who doesn't?) and fun new things, but if they are too pricey or not in the budget, I will pass them over.  Apparently, I am practical to a fault. Maybe I should give up caffeine? I do drink a lot of caffeine.  But this is a resolution to improve myself and, by extension, the world around me. An uncaffeinated me wouldn't be able to spell resolution, let alone form any coherent thought or function each day. Back to the drawing board..........

I read alot, so reading more was out.  I don't like to cook, so cooking more just wasn't happening.  Trying one new thing each day?  Boy, that seems like a lot of work. Get organized? I am just one D shy of being OCD. 

Then it dawned on me.  Perhaps my biggest "fault" is that I am pretty regimented.  I like things to go according to plan. Why? Because that is comforting.  That is easy.  That makes life enjoyable to me because I know that I have taken care of all that I need to for that day. Work is done, my family is fed, their clothes are clean, homework is done, my house is tidy and we accomplished it all on schedule, allowing plenty of free time to just hang out together.  So, how is this a fault? Well, lets just say that when things don't go according to plan, I can be a little ill tempered.  I feel out of my element and a little out of control.  And from that fact came my resolution:

"To be more flexible, more patient and to let go when things don't go exactly as planned."

Yep. It is a lofty goal. But if you know me, you know I don't like to start small or build up to something. I want to go full speed, 100% and accomplish the heck out of things.  It is only logical that my resolution fit that pattern.  So, here we go 2013 - the year of the less rigid me!  Wish me luck.......