Friday, February 17, 2012

Why toys in the 80's were better than the toys today.

Remember toys in the 80's?  The ones that defined your childhood (well, if you're my age!)?  I got to thinking about toys today as I was playing with J. I wondered what he would look back at fondly as an adult. I am sure he will feel as nostalgic about Toy Story and Thomas the Train as I do about the toys of my childhood. He will probably have John Deere tractors packed away somewhere just like I still have many of my toys tucked away among my prized childhood possessions. But, what toys of today even come close to the awesomeness that was 80's toys? Does a an Elmo toy compare to a Care Bear? Dream on!

One of the biggest fads that I recall were Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. I remember those being so hot that moms were having fist fights at toy stores in order to get the one their child wanted.  They all had "birth certificates" with their names and there were books, cassette tapes, posters and other merchandise to go along with them.  Mine were Melanie and Sybil Sadie.  I still have them.  One even had a retainer to match my orthodontic situation at the time. My sister and I toted those dolls everywhere and drove my parents crazy listening to the tape on car rides. I can still sing the songs. In fact, I am humming them as I type. This was the Cabbage Patch Theme Song off of their 1984 Album titled Cabbage Patch Dreams ( .)Good luck getting that song out of your head.

Jem dolls were also high on my list. They are (in my book) way cooler than Bratz dolls could ever dream to be.  I wanted an Aja doll for Christmas one year.  With her tubular blue hair and bitchin' make up (check her out:, she was way cooler than Jem. And I got her.  Sadly, I no longer have Aja, but I remeber opening her on Christmas morning at my Aunt's house in North Carolina.  Boy, Santa was the best!

Then there were My Little Ponies.  Those cute little horses with the designs on their heinies.  You could comb their hair and put them in their stable. That's really about all they were good for, but we had hours of fun with those things!

Then there were my Star Wars toys. Man, I had them all! Luke, Leia, Chewy, R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader, Emporer Palpatine, Han, Lando.  I even had the ewok village. Despite being a girl, I loved Star Wars and everything about it.  I now wish I had kept all those figurines safely in their little pakcages so that I could be lounging around a mountain of money right now, but oh well.  My immense nerdism paid off in other ways. It eventually landed me a hubby. If I hadn't done well at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit on our first date, he may not have stuck around. Hands off ladies, he's all mine.

There were so many incredible toys back in those days. Dare I say better than today, even.  Pound Puppies, Rainbow Brite, G.I. Joes. Sit-n-spins, Big Wheels, Easy Bake Ovens. He-man and She-ra.  And the be all end all of 80's toys: The Atari.  Man. Kids don't know what they missed out on!

You can keep your Leapsters, educational and politically correct toys made from all recycled and BPA free plastic. I'll take a Strawberry Shortcake doll, Thundercat or a Popple any day!


  1. You forgot about Transformers. Not only was Optimus Prime a robot AND a semi. But when you transformed him about half-way, and being made of die-cast metal, he made quite a handy weapon for fending off brothers or neighbor kids.

    1. There are probably many that I omitted. Just goes to show you how many awesome toys there were back then! Optimus was pretty bad ass :)