Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Today it is back to work after a great Memorial Day weekend. If you are from Mt. Carroll, this weekend is synonymous with Mayfest. I love Mayfest. Always have. My hubby isn't that into it, but I am trying to make Mayfest an exciting, highly anticipated event for J as well. 

I talked up Mayfest for the whole week before it so that J would be into going and festing with me. I kicked off my Mayfest with the walk/run on Saturday morning. Afterwards, J and I headed over to check things out. J was bubbling with excitement. This year, one of the featured kids activities was a Big Machine section complete with a fire truck, ambulance, tractors, backhoes and mowers.  There was also a dune buggy. Luckily, we were the only people there for the first hour or so and J got to have his run of the place. He fell in love with the dune buggy and told me at one point "get in mommy, I am driving this home."  I was able to bribe J to leave the dune buggy with the promise of a train ride and lunch.

The train was a rickety, three car train that was driven by a young man with no concept of the fact that he shouldn't drive over curbs or bumps at high rates of speed. I was terrified. J loved it.  We then ventured to the food tent where I was faced with the impossible task of deciding with traditional Mayfest food to enjoy: A pork chop sandwich from the pork producers? Corn on the cob from the Lions? Or a Baptist Men's funnel cake? Tough call. J opted for a hot dog and the corn (which he refused to share with me) and I took a pork chop sandwich. It was a great choice. 

Once our bellies were full we continued our circuit of the Campbell Center grounds. One booth offered face painting and temporary tattoos. J would never go for a painted face, but a tattoo sounded good to him. The board outside the booth displayed the design options. I suggested a green frog or Batman emblem. J requested a red devil tattoo that would only have fit across his chest or back. We passed on the tattoo as I figured 3 was a little too young for him to have satan emblazoned on his body. Maybe next year though ;)

We returned later that evening for music and dancing. J cut a rug with his buddies and my dad played with the band. After sending J home with grandma, I got to have some time to catch up with old friends. This is hands down the best part of Mayfest to me. I love how we can all come together each year and easily fall back into conversation with one another as though we never left off. Many laughs were had and my stomach muscles hurt the next day from all of the riotous laughter we shared.  It was also fun to see every one's growing families.  I really can't believe we all have kids! I remember being a kid and going to Mayfest myself.  Wandering around the campus, going to the teen dance,  working in the booths for various clubs and school groups, doing the Maypole dance.  Now, we all have little ones to bring along and share the fun with. 

This Mayfest was one of the best ones I can recall. We had very un-Mayfest like weather. Hot, sunny and NO RAIN! The weekend was capped by celebrating Memorial Day and the folks that guaranteed our freedom to be here today to enjoy ourselves.  363 days until next year!

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