Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ryan's 40th

Here is my 40th birthday shout out to my hubby.  I decided to list some of  the wonderful things about him.  I asked J to give me his favorites as well.  Here they are, in no particular order:

1. He knows a lot about Star Wars.

2.   He has a great sense of humor. It is just as strange as mine sometimes, which works out well.

3. "My daddy is funny." Good to know J and I are on the same page.

4. He is an incredible woodworker. For those of you who don't know, my hubby builds awesome furniture. Seriously, check it out: www.singularwoodworks.com

5. He is really good at keeping secrets. He doesn't repeat anything he is told and hates to perpetuate gossip.

6. He is a very hard worker. At his job and at home. He is rarely idle.

7. "He's nice." Simply put. J likes to waste no words.

8. He isn't afraid to kill big spiders.

9. He has tons of friends, which I think reflects on what a great person he is.

10. He is ridiculously patient.

11. He's a cat person.  Compatibility would have been an issue if he had liked dogs.  Luckily, he too likes cats.

12. "He takes me to the Kettle for pancakes." Every Saturday, Ryan takes J out for breakfast.

13. He loves to read. Books, magazines, on line articles or forums.  He reads a ton.

14. He's a great dad.  He adores J, and J adores him.

15. He is a movie nut.

15. He is really great with electronics and if you want to know something about a gizmo or gadget, he's the go to guy. He just helped me tackle an email issue.  Very handy guy to have around!

16. He is handsome.

17. "Daddy is tall".

18. He is passionate about music and loves to find new artists to enjoy before they hit it big.

19. He loves cars. He knows a ton about them and can haggle with a car salesman like nobody's business.

20.  He is very knowledgeable about many, many things. Probably from all the reading. 

21. "He watches Bob the Builder with me."  Jackson loves Bob.  Ryan can tolerate Bob.  I cannot.  I usually read a book while J watches Bob.

22. He's a Bears fan. That automatically makes him awesome.

23. He is ultra competitive.  Maybe just with me, but he loves to win!

24. He uses good grammar.

25. He has nice teeth. Teeth are a big deal to me. Kind of a deal breaker, if you will. His dental hygiene is impeccable.

26. "I like to play with him"- Obviously from Jackson.

27. He is unflappable. I try to maintain a steady calm most of the time, but some things do get me wound up. Nothing gets Ryan wound up.  Ever.

28. He is a big thinker.  Ryan doesn't have small ideas.  A simple project usually turns into a massive undertaking.  He aims high in all that he does.

29. He eats my cooking. Usually with few to no complaints. That nearly qualifies him for sainthood. 

So there they are. Just a few of the many great things about the hubster.  Happy 40th Ryan!

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